1. How To Get Quotation
After browse our website, if you are interested in some of our products, you can send inquiry here. https://www.bxlights.com/Inquiry.html
When you send inquiry, please kindly send your company and contact information. So, we can recommend appropriate products to you. We are also looking for serious and professional partners. So, we can provide more professional services.

2. How To Place Order
Step 1: you get quotation from our sales
Step 2: you send PO or follow information to our sales
1) Item number of products you order
2) Quantity
3) Buyer Name
4) Shipping destination and shipping method (if you are not sure, our sales will advise according to your order)
5) Consignee
Step 3: our sales will send PI(Proforma Invoice) to you, which include order details, shipment, payment and delivery information
Step 4: if you agrees to PI, please kindly arrange payment.
Step 5: after we receive payment, we will let you know and begin to execute your order.
Step 6: after shipment, we will send you tracking number(express), AWB(air cargo) or B/L(sea cargo)
Step 7: you get your order and check quality. If it’s OK, order process end.

3. Warranty
We provide limited warranty. Please kindly refer to our term here: https://www.bxlights.com/Warranty.html

4. Payment
We accept T/T(bank transfer) or L/C(letter of credit)

5. Shipment
a. For sample , we use courier like DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS. UPS is our prefer. You can assign your own courier.
b. For larger order, sea cargo is the best choice. You can also assign the forwarder to make the transportation.

6. Do You Offer OEM or ODM
Yes. However, we have quantity requirements.