Patio String Lighting is an Affordable Outdoor Lighting Option

Patio String Lighting

Patio string lights have recently seen an increase in popularity on the outdoor lighting scene.  Whether you want something to light a path or an accent for your porch, deck or patio, string lighting offers many options.  In addition to the versatility, they are also quite affordable, as well as durable and long lasting.  You will find various colors, styles and designs to choose from as well.  Before you head out to buy patio string lights, you should learn a little more about the different types that are available.

Of course, everyone is familiar with the traditional string of lights that we associate with Christmas decorating.  While the multi-colored lights are best left to holiday decor, a similar styled string of white lights can provide a beautiful look when wound in the branches of a low growing tree or shrub.  These strings of lights are very inexpensive and when used well can add a major impact to your landscape.  One drawback that most of this type of string lighting has is the fact that when one bulb burns out, the entire string stops working, although there are some models of string lighting in which each bulb operates independently so even if one bulb goes out, the rest of the string continues to burn bright.

Patio rope lighting is a step up from holiday string lights in that the bulbs are protected by a clear tube made of flexible plastic.  The bulbs on rope lights are generally LED bulbs which are very bright, as well as energy efficient.  Because the tubing that encases the lights is quite flexible, you can use these in many of the same ways as the traditional holiday-style string lights.

Another type of patio string lighting that many people are using is decorative string lights.  These lights generally use a string of bulbs like the holiday lights, but also include a decorative cover that goes over each bulb.  You can find these strings of lights in lots of fun and whimsical styles.  From garden watering cans to stars, and from hot chili peppers to pink flamingos, there is a string of lights that will match your mood, your outdoor decor or your next party theme.

Patio string lights are readily available both online as well as though local retailers.  If you are looking for affordable options to add to the outdoor patio lighting in your home, you can’t go wrong with choosing outdoor string lighting.  Whether you are looking for a few twinkling white lights to create a warm glow along your patio, a string of delicate hanging lantern lights to blow in the breeze, or a fun and festive set of string lights to hang along the edge of your patio umbrella for your next party, you are sure to find a set of patio string lighting to fit your needs well.

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