Outdoor Patio String Lights

Patio String Lights

If you are looking for a surefire way to add a festive atmosphere to your patio, then outdoor patio string lightsare just the thing to liven up the mood and add a fun and festive feel to your backyard when the lights go down.  Whether you are having a party for many or are simply enjoying your patio after dark with your family, patio string lighting is a welcome addition to any patio.  And the best aspect of patio string lights is that you can find a style to suit your home, no matter what your mood, or what time of year it is.

Patio party string lights

Patio string lighting comes in many different decorative styles.  From flowers and chili peppers to snowflakes and Christmas trees, you can find many types of theme-related string lights for patio use.  If you want something a bit more subtle, you can find paper-style lantern string lights, patio globe string lights, or simply solid color or multi color patio string lights in various shapes and sizes.  Even just a string of basic clear patio light strings provides a sparkle to the nighttime air when lit.

The most popular type of lights are LED patio string lights.   These small bulbs emit bright light and are energy efficient as well as long-lasting.  They do not burn too hot, which is also an added bonus.  Another very popular patio string light style is solar patio string lights.  For solar models, the string of patio lights looks like any other type of decorative patio string lights, but rather than plugging the string of lights into an electrical outlet, there is a separate solar collector that soaks up the sun by day to provide energy for the lights to shine at night.

Patio party string lights can easily be hung up when you are planning a celebration, and can then be taken down until the next celebration if you don’t want to keep them hanging all year round.  You can find patio party string lights in almost any theme, whether your party has a luau theme, western theme, Mexican fiesta theme, holiday theme, children’s party theme, garden theme, or almost any type of theme.  In this style of patio string light, the light is housed within the decorative element, which is typically made from plastic or resin, and then the decorative element is illuminated by the bulb.

Patio lantern string lights can also set the mood for your outdoor space.  Lanterns can be colorful and festive or subtle and elegant, and no matter what the style, seeing a string of lantern lights gracefully dangling around the patio will make you want to stay outside long after the sun goes down.  You can also find a wide variety of patio globe string lights to brighten up the night.  Choose from colorful hand-blown glass globes to muted smoked glass or even clear glass bulbs to add a touch of class as well as brightness to your patio area.

Patio string lights can be strung around a patio in many different ways.  They can be draped from a patio railing if you have one or they can be hung from the side of the house.  You can also hang patio string lighting from trees and bushes or even outdoor patio furniture.  Another option is to use patio umbrella string lights, which are attached to the ribs and edges of your patio umbrella and provide festive lighting overhead.  Patio umbrella lights can light up your dining space or make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise.

You can buy patio string lights at many types of stores that sell outdoor lights, party lights or outdoor patio furniture and accessories.  You can also find a wide selection of patio string lights online, and doing an internet search may be your best option for finding the biggest array of decorative patio string light choices or can help you find just the style you are looking for.  Checking online before hitting the stores is also an efficient way to compare patio string light prices.

No matter what style of patio string lights you choose or where you decide to hang them, adding a string of patio lights will provide extra light and will set an ambient mood to your outdoor patio space so that you can enjoy your backyard all night long.  Even if you do not have an exciting looking patio to start with (maybe you just have a boring concrete patio slab, for instance), patio string lights can really spice up the space to turn it into a more inviting atmosphere.

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