Outdoor Patio String Lights

If you are looking for a surefire way to add a festive atmosphere to your patio, then outdoor patio string lightsare just the thing to liven up the mood and add a fun and festive feel to your backyard when the lights go down.  Whether you are having a party for many or are simply enjoying your patio after dark with your family, patio string lighting is a welcome addition to any patio.  And the best aspect of patio string lights is that you can find a style to suit your home, no matter what your mood, or what time of year it is.

Patio party string lights

Patio string lighting comes in many different decorative styles.  From flowers and chili peppers to snowflakes and Christmas trees, you can find many types of theme-related string lights for patio use.  If you want something a bit more subtle, you can find paper-style lantern string lights, patio globe string lights, or simply solid color or multi color patio string lights in various shapes and sizes.  Even just a string of basic clear patio light strings provides a sparkle to the nighttime air when lit. Read More “Outdoor Patio String Lights”


Outdoor lighting can add a special touch to your gazebo and the surrounding area.  Illumination enhances everything from obscure shadows to areas that are punctuated by the soft glow of lights.  Electric gazebo lights or string lights can be purchased and strung along the ceiling of your gazebo or along the vertical side rails, if you have a gazebo with that type of set-up, or you can add some outside lighting to the area around your gazebo to enhance the space.  You can also add outdoor chandelier style lights that gently illuminate the interior of your gazebo and add a charm all their own.

There are many choices when it comes to actually purchasing a gazebo.  If you are planning ahead on adding lights to the structure, you might want to choose a model that will facilitate hanging the lights up around the top or rails.  Make sure that you have an outdoor electric source nearby to where you set up your gazebo if you are planning on using electric powered gazebo lights.  If you don’t have electricity nearby, or are looking for a more energy efficient choice, there is also the option of using some of the new solar powered string lights that can be found at many stores.  You can also buy low-voltage lighting kits that will give you the kind of lighting effect surrounding your gazebo that you may be looking for, and they are easy to install as well.

Try deciding on certain areas on and around your gazebo that you would like to light up.  By not lighting up the whole area, you will be able to focus on just a few places that will be accented and that will create more interest and atmosphere.  You can light up just the interior ceiling of the gazebo, string lights just along the gazebo rails, or simply dot the area surrounding your gazebo with a few landscape lights that subtly and dimly add warmth and a bit of brightness.  Lighting can also be installed along pathways or decked areas that you may be entertaining in that are nearby. Read More “LIGHT UP YOUR GAZEBO”


If you are looking for answers to the question “why would you want to buy solar lights?”, then there are plenty of places where you can look to find out about some in-depth benefits that these lights offer.  There are many reasons to choose solar lights for your home.  For instance, the cost, the environment, and the ease-of-use and installation, are just a few reasons why solar lights keep getting more and more popular.

You can use solar lighting both inside your home and especially outside your home, in the form of solar deck lights, solar driveway lights or solar garden lights, among others.  Here is a more in-depth view about why you may want to consider solar lighting for your next lighting purchase.

Save Money

One excellent reason why you would want to purchase solar lights is that they could be instrumental in saving you some money.  How is this possible just by using a few solar lights?  Well, let us recall that since solar lights use solar energy as their source of power, then these lights mainly depend on the sun and the energy that it supplies to the earth each day.  Solar lights recharge all throughout the daylight hours as they continuously absorb the energy coming from the sun, storing the energy in batteries.  At night, they use that charge in order to give the best possible illumination to whatever dark spaces you have.  Because of this, solar lights do not eat up any electricity, so they do not increase your electricity consumption and they do not add to your electricity bills.  As a result, you can save money because the lights do not cost you anything to run, apart from the original purchase price, and maybe some occasional maintenance. Read More “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BUY SOLAR LIGHTS?”


One drawback to outside lighting is that the light fixture covers tend to get dirty over time. This happens simply from being subjected to the elements of the weather day after day, as well as dirt and debris that is constantly in the air. The problem is that when light fixture covers get dirty, they can negatively impact your outdoor lighting in a number of ways. That is why it is worth taking the time every once in a while to clean outdoor light fixtures to keep them looking and functioning at their best.

Negative Impacts of Dirty Light Fixture Covers

We all know that dirty light fixture covers can detract from the look of our outdoor lighting, but did you realize that there are other impacts to your lighting as well? These include:

  • Reduced light emittance– If your light fixture covers are dirty, your lights simply won’t emit enough light. This can be a problem, especially with some outdoor lighting fixtures that don’t emit a lot of light in the first place and are designed for safety purposes, such as step lights or pathway lights.
  • Increased heat accumulation– If outdoor light fixture covers get too dirty or are covered with debris, it can allow too much heat to accumulate within the lighting fixture. This can lead to malfunctioning of the light, premature burning out of light bulbs, or worse yet, it can be a potential fire hazard.
  • Breeding ground for unwanted pests– Unclean light fixture covers can not only be an eyesore, but can become a breeding ground for unwanted pests, such as insects, bees, birds and even small animals. If an animal can find a way to nestle in a small pile of debris, shielded from the elements and predators by your light fixture covers, you may get more than you bargained for when you go near your light!

How To Clean Light Fixture Covers?

Cleaning light fixture covers is relatively easy to do (as long as you can reach the light!) and can be a super-easy job if you keep to a regular maintenance schedule so the covers on your light fixtures don’t build up too much dirt and debris on them between cleanings. Here’s what you need to do: Read More “CLEANING OUTDOOR LIGHT FIXTURE COVERS”


Illuminating your lawn is important, and being armed with the knowledge about how outside solar lights can save you an incredible amount of money will help you in your search to find the perfect lights for your home.  There are more than just a few good reasons to invest in solar powered outside lighting, and we will highlight some of the most attractive aspects here.

No Additional Electricity

The greatest thing about solar technology is that once you have purchased your lights, you don’t need anything more than the sun to run them.  You place them where they will be left outside and nature handles the rest.  During the day they will charge on the sun’s powerful rays, and in the evening they will shine with its energy.  That can not only make a huge difference on cost, but it will also have a large impact on the amount of space you’ll save not having cords lying around delivering power to your garden lights.  Not to mention the work involved in digging a trench and hooking the power cords up to an outside outlet…

Low Cost Solar Power

It’s time to reconsider!  Have you considered the amount of electricity that will run up each month and how much it will cost?  By the time you’ve made your first electricity payment, you will have already spent more than you will spend on your outside solar lights.  Aside from the savings on electricity,  the cost per unit of solar lights offered online is extremely low.

It doesn’t really even matter if you’re able to avoid the impact of electricity when it comes to the cost of the bulbs.  They seriously cost just as much as any other outside lighting fixtures in which you may choose to invest.  They require a lot less attention and power, and many fabulous websites have some of the most updated designs at unbelievably affordable prices.  Look around, and make sure you look before you buy anything. Read More “WHY OUTSIDE SOLAR LIGHTS ARE THE BEST OPTION?”